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Benefits of Using Mulch

Looking for landscape mulch in Villa Grove or in the many surrounding towns?

There are so many benefits to using mulch. It doesn’t matter what kind of garden you have. Flower and vegetable gardens flourish when mulch is used.

Some of the major benefits of mulch:

  • Mulch helps to maintain moisture in the ground.
  • Landscape mulch breaks down over time which will help soil health.
  • Different colors of mulch can change the way your landscape looks.
  • Certain types of mulch can actually repel some insects. This can make a backyard much more enjoyable!
  • Applying mulch can help prevent winter damage and helps with weed control.

The type of mulch for your garden or landscape project depends on a few things.

  1. Personal preference – There are many mulch color options and different quality levels. What you choose is personal to you.
  2. Budget – Quality mulches are more expensive than what you get from the city lot. There is also a significant difference in how your garden may react to each.
  3. Packaging – Most mulches are available in bagged and bulk options. There are many benefits to each option. Check out below for a few of those options.

Bulk Mulch


There is a difference in the quality of bulk mulch. If you look at the contents of many suppliers of landscape mulch you notice several things. On the lower quality mulch, you may see garbage.

You may also get mulch that includes things like walnut chips. This can cause your plants to die or to not be as healthy as they could be.

Dyed mulch can have toxic dyes used on it which is unsafe for pets and children. Sometimes the dye is not absorbed well into the mulch and you end up with fading and dye running across your yard during rain.

A few benefits of bulk mulch:

  • Bulk mulch is generally cheaper than bagged mulch.
  • Bulk mulch can easier to get around the yard if you can get a vehicle to the site.
  • You don’t have to lift and load a bunch of bags.
  • Anyone with decent health and a wheelbarrow and shovel can move it around.

Bagged Mulch

One of the biggest benefits of bagged mulch over is the consistency of quality. Most bagged mulch is of medium to high quality.

Bagged mulch tends to be more expensive, but you get quality and consistency. However, you do want to try and get all your bagged mulch from the same pallet or shipment. There can be enough color differences in batches to be noticeable.

With bagged mulch, you only have to handle one bag at a time. That makes handling it in small areas is ideal.

Another benefit is bagged mulch tends to leave your work site cleaner than bulk mulch. The bags also help keep your mulch dry in the event of rain showers.  Dry mulch and easy clean up are two big reasons to consider bagged mulch.

Why Our Landscape Mulch

We take great pride in offering you quality mulch. Whether you choose bagged or bulk, you can count on our mulch to make your landscape look beautiful.


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